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Co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union

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Mutual Learning Network and Final Report


In work stream 4 we focus on developing a project dissemination strategy for the national and European dissemination of the milestones and results of the project through:

  • a practical Mutual Learning Network (network of offices or local services against hate crimes);
  • a final conference in Madrid.

Thus, we guarantee the sustainable effect of the project, even after its lifespan.

The two-day final conference in Madrid aims to encompass around a hundred participants. At the conference we will do assessment of the work, exchange of practices in the participating countries and dissemination of the project results.

Deliverables: Proximity Policing Mutual Learning Network

Proximity Policing Network is created as an instrument of continuity and sustainability for the PROXIMITY Project.

Deliverables: Project Memory

This project memory intends to make a general description of the working process, and the main products and results obtained in achieving the objectives established in the PROXIMITY Project.